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National Council Residential
Park Inn, Cardiff
Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th February 2017

Day 1

Welcome & Introductions        

Joe had welcomed us to the first meeting and went through the group rules of the meeting.  Joe asked us to introduce ourselves and our support.  We had an ice-breaker - Tell us 3 things about ourselves. 2 Truth 1 Lie, everyone had to guess which was a lie.  Joe went on to show us a presentation - What the National Council does, from the presentation, in which he delivered, he put across that we as National Council Reps have a voice for our groups, in which we as Reps put our groups voices across at the meeting. 

Minutes & Matters arising

Joe gave us 10 minutes to read though the minutes from the last meeting.  Everyone was happy reading the minutes through at their own leisure.  Lucy had put across to Joe that we should read the minutes before the next meeting.  Tracey gave everyone an alternative copy of the minutes to see which version we liked.  This version everyone found easier to read as it was in easy read.  Everyone found this very successful.  Tracey had given out information packs in which we as reps though was helpful.  Some people found the picture a bit fuzzy.



We started off by looking at four people's presentations who were looking at standing for chair and vice chair.

The Result:-
Lucy Hinksman and Catherine Watchorn are now the new Chair and Vice Chair.


Joe had given us a talk on whether it is a good idea in letting Bryan Collis - the husband of Anne Collis on the board as his wife had stepped down.


Joe had fed back the minutes from the LDAG.  Joe said there are a few things that are happening.  There is a mass number of nurses that are retiring, this includes nurses that work with people that have learning disabilities.  People are having problems with all the cuts that are happening.  There is going to be an action plan to let people know what is happening.  AWPF would like to know what is going on.  This has been cut into four different steps.  Joe then went on to talk about getting people back into jobs, people like us (with a learning disabilities).  Joe then went on to say that he is looking into getting people back into work.  Joe is working alongside with Steve Bayer.  He has said that the document in which he has read, he's not happy with the way it has been worded.  This is called the Greenpaper - this is something in which people should have a look at.  The closing date for that is February 17th.  Margaret Finn, came along to the feedback and she is happy with the work which has been carried out.


Rebecca Wide and Matthew Brindley gave a presentation to everyone. They started by introducing themselves.  Matthew has said that he is looking forward to working with AWPF.

Rebecca started off by explaining what type of work she has done in the past. She has been working with Barnardos.  She is looking forward to working in partnership with us at AWPF.  Rebecca then explained what parts of Wales she will be working in.

Rebecca will be working over North Wales this will be - Wrexham, Flintshire, Gwynedd, Anglesey, Conwy and Denbighshire.

Matthew started by explaining that he goes down to South Wales which covers - Cardiff & Vale, Gwent, Western Bay and Cwn Taf.

They will be sharing the middle part of Wales between them.

Rebecca went on to talk about Partnership Working.

Partnership Working 
This is where Rebecca would like to see what is happening in our area.

Internal Policy
Using MIRROR training and principals and management construction.

This is where they are going to start looking at how we as members can start our own groups.

Matthew started by looking at the groups, to what they can do about getting what they need to work as groups and look at what funding each can get as groups.  Matthew wants to see if we as groups can join up with other groups and put in a joint bid, instead of a single bid for the funding.

Matthew talked about spreading the word as groups

Day 2


Lucy had welcomed us back to the meeting, she started off with the ice-breaker - What are we looking forward to in the National Council in the next two years?

National Actions from the groups

David from Powys said that there is a new changing places officer and if they could come to talk to the groups at one of the next meetings.

Kate said that for the buses there is a 15 mile rule - Grassroots (Bus Service Community).

Newport have problems with telephone numbers all going through one number which causes problems

ACTION - Joe to write to Arriva regarding the problems in which us as members are having.

National Actions from group

Nothing to report that is to be done for National Action.

MIRROR New Policies for AWPF - Barod

Lucy introduced us to Barod who were here to talk about MIRROR and the New Policies.  They explained that MAP, which was developed back in 2006 has now got to be updated from a paper base to a website.  David from Powys has taken part with the policies and he has helped Ann build a new booklet.  We can re-write our policies and we can decide what we put into it.  This will also help AWPF update their policies

National Council have decided who can be voted into the Board of Directors.  This also means that we as National Council Reps can choose who we like and who we don't like.

New Policies are being made for AWPF using the Old Map as guide to update them, this has to be verified by National Council.  David went on to explain about the roles in which he is doing this is between Members, Nation Council, Board of Directors and Staff.  They wanted to hear our views on what we thought would be the best way of keeping business and pleasure separate.  This would be the same if it was applied for on social media i.e. Facebook or Snapchat.

MIRROR New Policies for AWPF - Barod, continued

After lunch, we continued the discussion from this morning, about Social Media.  We had a talk in groups about what we thought about how we as members are to use social media with AWPF.

After this they went on to talk about MIRROR - Members-Ideas - Rights - Reflection - Organisation - Review.

Conference Sub-Group

Joe had said that a few of us did find the presentation was a bit too long.  He then went on to give everyone time to talk it through whether they wanted to go with the suggestion.  The vote came out that they would like to keep the Nations Reps involved with the presentations on Policies from Barod.

Tracey is going to send out dates to people on the sub-group in the near future.

Mencap - Joe Powell

Joe has said that there is going to be learning disability training that Mencap are going to do for AWPF.  Joe went on to say that the training in which they are going to deliver is all-singing, all dancing & will be offered FREE.

Any other business

Ian has stood down as National Council rep for Flintshire due to other commitments.  Katherine wished him well & said he would be missed.

We left to get the train.

James Lewis
National Council Rep



National Council Meetings and Events

National Council, Newport, Wednesday 17th August 2016

Lucy welcomed us to the meeting.  Lucy welcomed Tracy to her first meeting with All Wales People First.  The Icebreaker question was - What would you like to be in the Olympics?  Joe had talked with the board about the AGM.  They have said that they want to make it more fun for the members.  Tracy has said that she has spoken with Mark Llewellyn and he has said that the funding will continue Health and Social Care.  We were then given a presentation on Diversity Training by Sharon from Bridgend.  Sharon talked us through her presentation on how people can be different through their background of their religion.  After we had a talk from David about Changing Places - Powys.  We were going to be shown a video on how a support worker is to put a person on a toilet (but it couldn't be shown).  We had a talk from Kai Jones from Learning Disability Wales - Kai explained to us about the Stay Up Late campaign.  They are based in Brighton.  Kai went on to explain about Gig Biddies.  More people want to spend more time at home.  Kai has said that he would like to get people to start something like Gig Buddies.  This is where Kai would like to get more groups in South Wales and have it spread across the UK.

After lunch, we had a talk from Margaret Flynn - The National Safeguarding Board.  She explained what she does for the Safeguarding Board.  Margaret wanted to hear our views on Safeguarding.  Margaret explained to us about a boy who was badly treated in Winterbourne and is still traumatised years later.

We fed back the updates from our local area - I fed back about the "How to Help Me" booklet, I also asked about the dates of the next meeting after the conference in Cardiff.

We were then given a talk by Barrod - A Social Enterprise - on updating the MAP box.  This was what we as members wanted to be put in the box, as it needed to be updated.

We ran out of time for Joe's report, he will e-mail this out to everyone.  Finished the meeting at 3pm.

Run by All Wales People First

                                           Here we are in Newport, the new venue for 20th October National Council Meeting.          

National Council Minutes,  held at "The Queen's Hotel" in Newport, October 2015.

Lucy had welcomed us to the meeting in Newport. We started with an icebreaker. After the icebreaker we read though the minutes from the last meeting.  Joe had fed back minutes from the DRILL (Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning).  Lucy had spoken to Karen (Pembrokeshire People First) had reported back to us about the Mystery Shopper - she found this hard to get her head around the information, but she found it confusing.  Celia had put forward a comment - something like an app for people with learning disabilities something like TripAdvisor, where we can comment on how well a service is and also Joe had said that we would have to put our names down if we don't want it.  Joe went on to say that this was a good idea but would cost a lot of money to produce.  We went around the room feeding back the information of what was going on from each county.  James (Gwynedd Rep) had mentioned that they have been sent out booklets from the council about a consultation (this looks very inviting on the front, but when you look inside it's hard to read).  Adrian (support worker) has said that there is going to be nine million pounds of cuts in their area.

After lunch, Lucy mentioned if we had any comments from the conference. I put forward about how I enjoyed the conference and I fed back my feelings on how the conference went especially to the second day at the Senedd and how we felt excluded, (Aled agreed with my comments).  Lucy had mentioned about the comments from the conference and how people liked it.  Joe took a vote on how we would/wouldn't like to do the march at the Senedd.  The vote came out to 8 no, 6 yes.  Joe raised his concerns about the matters I have addressed.  He said that he felt it was to be made simpler as it had become too complicated.

The timetable that has been organised for us but Yvonne is worried too.  She went on to ask about how to fit in the singing and the banners.  Yvonne has said that she would be happy if we could do this inside the Senedd.  Yvonne had said that we would need to have a final look at the animation video and listen to the song that was done by the group at the Senedd to be agreed at the next National Council Meeting in December.  Yvonne took a vote on who would like to do the banners in the Senedd.  The vote come out at 13 people who wanted to have the banners in the Senedd. 

The LDAG will be on the next meeting as we ran out of time. 

Our Elected Denbighshire's Representative 
James Lewis

James at the National Council Meeting held at  "The Beeches" in Prestatyn, on the 25th August.

Lucy had welcomed us from North Wales to introduce ourselves.  We started with an icebreaker.  The question that Lucy asked was - one thing we would change about LD (Learning Difficulties)?  I said that I would like to see big Companies and Super markets having more people working in them that have LD.  We then went through the minutes from the last meeting.  Both Celia and I had talked about what had happened with the Roadshow that we attend with Rebecca Newsome and the fact that about the direct payments being used forming a co-operative and pooling direct payments.  They didn't seem to be giving that much information also they were asking us the questions of what we wanted from direct payments.  Joe had suggested about writing to Disability Wales and telling them that people with disabilities such as people in wheelchairs, can't move around the events that they have on.  We had a look though the minutes for the conference - Never Mind the Politics - What about Advocacy?  We were all happy with 2 day timetable that was planned.  Joe talked about the manifesto launch that the All Wales People First will be doing and if any of us would like to contribute.  Lucy said that it would be on the 23rd February, in which this would be done at The Senedd.  The counties had put forward ideas of what they want to do at the launch.  Lucy asked us if we would be happy with information stands.  Conwy connect had asked if they would be able to set up the information stands early.  We were then asked by Lucy if we wanted the stands there for people to look at.  The vote turned out that they didn't want stands at the conference.  Lucy fed back information about the price of the conference and the fact that we as members would have to save up money in order to pay for the hotel.  Yvonne had mention how much it would cost for the conference.  She went around asking people how much it would cost this council meeting for one day: Yvonne had said that if was £4,000 just for the one day conference.
After lunch, Lucy has welcomed us back and mentioned that we had to change a few things around.  We looked at the Support Worker Training.  Janice read out the Support Working Training.  Lucy asked us for our opinions on what we thought about the Support Working Training.  Conwy connect asked who would be doing the training.  Joe has said that they are in talks with Cardiff Vale College.  They are waiting for them to get back to Joe about this.  Celia had said that she agreed with Shelia that Level 3 NVQ will give more recognition to Advocacy from the people who fund us.  Yvonne had said that we are in early talks with people about getting people interested in wanting people training for a job that gets you an NVQ which can be as high as a Level 3 qualification.  Lucy had added that we were going to look at The Getting Ahead Project.  Joe had talked through how this project would work and what it would come from it.  Joe has said how the money will be split up between the organisations.  Joe has asked if I would be filmed asking questions, which I did during my lunchbreak.
Lucy had mentioned about this idea that she had about doing a Mystery Shopper.  The idea that Lucy has is to go into cafes or restaurants and see how the cafes and restaurants treat us as having disabilities and how accessible they are.  Joe is working alongside Disability Wales to help do something such as the Changing Rooms that Mencap.

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